Sending employee on International assignment – Keys for success

You would like to send one of your employees on international assignment, in order to set up a foreign branch or to conduct a major project? In this article you find essential questions to prepare the international assignment of your employees.

What often is an exciting and challenging step for your employee, means for you as HR manager a lot of work. Why? Because in case of an international assignment it is of course not enough to buy a plane ticket and wish your employee a safe journey.
Your task as a HR Manager is rather to accompany your employee with all organizational steps and to consider all eventualities. You have to assist your employee as well as possible on the way abroad.
The challenge is to work through a series of questions, questions that are crucial to the success of the international assignment for you, for the employee and also for the company!

ZenExpat has prepared some of the most important questions when sending your employees on international assignment:

  • Is the employee suitable for an international assignment? Is he/she motivated?
  • What is the length of the mission? What is the start date?
  • During the stay abroad will the employee be still linked to the Home Company, or must a new contract with the Host Company be signed?
    What is about the employee’s salary? What elements have to be included, added to the remuneration?
  • How will the employee be insured? Does the employee remain within the Home Country social security? Is there an agreement that prevents double contributions? Will he / she be enrolled in the social security of the host country? Is the company financing the relocation of the employee?
  • What is the budget?
  • What are the implications of the stay abroad for the taxes payable by the employee?
  • What other administrative details should be considered? (Visa, work permit)

Especially if you are not used to sending your employees abroad the above-mentioned questions can help you to prepare the international assignment of your employee and serve as a guideline.

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Published on August 7th, 2012 © Alexander Raths – © ZenExpat’ Publications 2012