Expatriate Training – How to succeed in your expatriation, manage stress and emotions while your international assignment Lyon Nice Munich

By Julia Noyel

You are planning to go abroad or sending your employees abroad ? Going abroad is a wonderful experience if it is well prepared. What I have learned from my experience as Global Mobility Consultant while working with expats, but also from my personal experience: Apart from the thorough organization before the start of the expatriation what counts the most is the emotional preparation! One key I found during my work to succeed in your expatriation or international assignment and to prevent failure is Emotional Intelligence, the capacity to handle your emotions and stress while abroad. 

You are wondering how to get prepared, how to manage your own stress and emotions but also the stress your family will face during your international assignment? Not being able to handle well emotions and stress during your expatriation can seriously harm the employee but also have important consequences for the employer. Expatriation failure involves high costs for the company!

During our workshop How to succeed in your expatriation, manage stress and emotions while your international assignment’ in Lyon Nice Munich you will learn how

  • how to get emotionally prepared to your expatriation in order to minimize stress and guarantee the success of your expatriation
  • to communicate with yourself, to feel, listen to and manage your emotions
  • to motivate yourself during your international assignment
  • to recognize others’ emotions and show empathy
  • to make an inventory: identify stressors during your expatriation
  • to identify different stress compensation mechanisms
  • to learn about simple stress management tools and choose the most suitable according to your personality
  • to listen and understand the messages of your body
  • to identify your beliefs, express your needs and vision
  • to develop a survival strategy for hard times


Benefits of training – How to succeed in your expatriation, manage stress and emotions while your international assignment’*(please see below for other cities)

  • Improve you general welfare, reduce stress
  • Be more motivated and effective at work
  • Reduce costs due to failure
  • Happier family
  • Concrete and practical methods
  • An integral approach (taking into account the body and mind)
  • Simple and creative tools easily applicable at home and work
  • An action plan tailored to the needs of each participant


During my training How to succeed in your expatriation, manage stress and emotions while your international assignment in Lyon Nice Munich, a mixture of different approaches help you discover a variety of methods and to select the most suitable for you. These workshops are held in a friendly, amusing and ZEN atmosphere in Lyon, Munich or Nice or within your company (in English, French or German). I also offer skype,phone or individual sessions.

For whom?

Anyone who is going abroad, sent on expatriation and who would like to succeed in the expatriation, reduce expatriate failure and better handle stress and emotions during an international assignment.

Practical information

Next dates in Lyon, Nice & Munich please contact me. *

The training workshops are scheduled for 7 hours over 1 or 2 modules.
For the registration form and to know the availability for this intensive workshop (groups are limited to 9 people), contact me!

*Please notice all my workshops are available also as individual intensive training (by face-to face, Skype or phone) worldwide in French, German and English! Contact me!


Please contact me.

Julia Noyel is Global Mobility Consultant, founder of ZenExpat’, lecturer in various business schools (e.g.Skema Business School, Esdes), Coach & Psychological Counselor certified by the college of Hamburg and author of several self-help books and philosophical and psychological novels, including black sheep lives better: how to change and realize your dream life. She is expert in communication, emotional management & intelligence, body-mindfulness and authenticity. Inspired by various techniques of nonviolent communication (NVC, PET, EI etc.), emotional intelligence and creativity tools her goal is to enable everyone to break free from stress and anxiety and to succeed during the expatriation.






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