why work with us

We provide consulting, coaching and training in HR Marketing, HR Development, Employer Branding  and Personal Branding for companies, business schools as well as job candidates and people who want to find a job that fits them. Our services are tailor made. Each advice is unique and customized to your project; The used methodology is specific to your personal context and situation.

We consider each
case as a genuine “Project” with :

– fixed objectives,
– clear mile stones,
– an action plan,
– defined responsibilities,
– budget,
– project supervision
– and the most important : team work !

Transparency for all players is our priority!

At the beginning of each project we analyse and define together the  context of company or your personal needs. As a result we will help to fix the different steps and responsibilities in order to ensure the smoothest realization of the project. Thanks to a continual, open and direct dialogue we keep everyone informed about the status throughout the project.