About ZenExpat

ZenExpat’s philosophy…

We believe that a friendly, authentic, creative and a respectful work atmosphere is a factor of motivation and incentive to challenge and success!
We celebrate and bring forward difference and diversity by supporting and challenging others whilst remaining open minded and cordial!




ZenExpat’s values…

Excellence, empathy, service orientation, reliability! Your needs and satisfaction are our priority! With great sensitivity and discretion we always seek the best solution to all stakeholders!


“Life is beautiful, that’s my motto and our happiness depends on ourselves.
I love people, diversity, creativity, difference, people who dare to be different!
I think it is the difference that makes us grow, mature
and let’s move forward to success.”


Born in Munich, I live in Lyon France since 2006 and work worldwide and particularly in France and Germany as Coach and Change specialist (www.julianoyel.com) as well as an Expert in HR Marketing & Global Mobility (www.zenexpat.com). After studying International Economics (focus on Strategy, International Marketing & Change Management) and International Labour Law and Mobility, I started my own consultancy business in 2009. I have gained experience in business consulting and international human resources with various industries such as pharmaceuticals, automotive and power working for various multinationals including Westport Power France, ABB, AT Kearney, Cartus. During my many years of experience in the business world, I was interested very early in methods of personal development, emotional management/intelligence, authentic communication and leadership.

In 2012 I finished my studies as a Certified Professional Coach & Psychological Advisor and share today my experience and knowledge with Expats and their families, individuals and companies – Senior Executives to enable everyone to succeed abroad. My combined experiences as a Coach, Lecturer, Global Mobility manager and HR Consultant have enabled me to develop expertise in both strategical as well as operational aspects.

I have been practising self-coaching and personal development for many years and I continue to practice it every day. I speak fluent English, French and German.