Emotional Intelligence – How to make an expatriation a success and prevent expatriate failure

gesture, family, travel, tourism and body parts concept - close up of four fingers with smiley faces over dubai city infinity edge pool backgroundBy Julia Noyel
Are you going abroad? Your company is proposing you an international assignment? You are excited about the new challenge? I absolutely understand how you feel. Going abroad is an amazing adventure. A new country, a new challenge! So why so many expatriation fail?

An expatriation is the opportunity to discover new values, other ways of doing. It allows you to see life in a different way and to extend your frame of reference. However, despite of the huge benefits and advantages between 10 to 40 % of expatriation fail and international assignments fail. So why? Why do so many expatriation fail and what does it need in order to succeed in your expatriation?

Emotional Intelligence – How to make an expatriation a success and prevent expatriate failure

Emotional Intelligence – the secret how to make an expatriation a success and to prevent expatriate failure

So how to prevent expatriate failure and ensure a successful expatriation? From my work as International HR & Global Mobility Consultant and Business Coach, but also from my personal experience I know how it is to live within a new country. During your expatriation you meet a lot of interesting people, but the most interesting person you will meet is YOU because one person you never can get rid off is YOU. During your expatriation you will be exposed to a lot of different challenges: the unknown, resistance to change from your family, stress occurring from to your accompanying family, or due to your new work, a new environment. You might feel a lot of different feelings such as excitement, frustration, fear, anger, joy. Under pressure and stress you might be completely overwhelmed. It is important to keep your nerves calm and show a lot of self control!

Apart from handling your own emotions you might also need to handle others’ emotions and a different way of thinking of people. You would need to adapt to a new culture. Your new team members might react and think differently. In order to guarantee the acceptance and respect within your new team you need a lot of empathy! If you are not able to handle those feelings appropriately, you encounter the risk to be discouraged and fail.

During our expatriate training How to succeed in your expatriation, manage stress and emotions while your international assignmentyou will learn how

  • how to get emotionally prepared to your expatriation in order to minimize stress and guarantee the success of your expatriation
  • to communicate with yourself, to feel, listen to and manage your emotions
  • to motivate yourself during your international assignment
  • to recognize others’ emotions and show empathy
  • to make an inventory: identify stressors during your expatriation

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Julia Noyel is Global Mobility Consultant, founder of ZenExpat’, lecturer in various business schools (e.g.Skema Business School, Esdes), Coach & Psychological Counselor certified by the college of Hamburg and author of several self-help books and philosophical and psychological novels, including black sheep lives better: how to change and realize your dream life. She is also expert in communication & emotional intelligence, body-mindfulness and authenticity. Inspired by various techniques of nonviolent communication (NVC, PET, EI etc.), emotional intelligence and creativity tools her goal is to enable everyone to break free from stress and anxiety and to succeed during the expatriation

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