Employer branding & HR marketing

You want to become a company everyone would like to work for? You want employees to be happy, motivated and performant, easily attract and retain the right candidates and top talents?

In a world where talented individuals have the choice, you need to make the difference as an employer! It takes you too long to fill positions, your hires fail, you cannot retain your employees, your employer reputation is bad.

We help you to attract, recruit and retain the ideal employees for your company and to build a strong employer brand! We support you in all phases of a project, from analysis to planning and implementation, with creative and effective measures.

Our mission is to help you …

  • to attract and retain employees you need to be successful
  • to build a strong identity that is authentic, distinctive and inspiring.

We help you to

  • to make your recruitments more effective and efficient
  • increase the quality of the candidate applications have motivated, performant and inspired employees
  • enhance your employer appeal and improve retention rate
  • reduce costs and time linked to recruitment and employees leaving your company
  • increase applications in difficult market and secure long-term recruitment needs
  • differentiate from competitors

Our services

  • (re)define  your employer brand and create an unique Employer Value Proposition (EVP)
  • audit your employer reputation and image by analysing internal and external perceptions
  • establish and implement a clear marketing HR Strategy
  • put in place a detailed and clear action plan
  • build a brand communication plan (on LinkedIn and other social platforms)
  • create authentic content that reflects your brand and corporate culture
  • align your recruitments to your organization’s business objectives

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