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You are planning to go abroad or your employer is sending you on expatriation? You are currently living abroad and you or your family are unhappy and you are thinking about going back to your home country? Many expatriation fail if they are not well prepared and if you do not have necessary tools in order to handle conflicts, your emotions and stress abroad.

Do you need

  • Assistance in taking a decision regarding your planned expatriation?
  • Assistance with the preparation of your expatriation from a technical and practical point of view?
  • Personal, tailor made guidance for the decision taking, the preparation, realization of and during an expatriation?

ZenExpat‘ shows you how going abroad with no stress and how to handle this complex project easily. Our advice is unique and customized to your project; The used methodology is specific to your personal context and situation.

I offer coaching and training to prepare you or your expatriates to face the challenges abroad!

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Training emotional intelligence and stress management for expatriates

You are planning to go abroad or sending your employees abroad ? Going abroad is a wonderful experience if it is well prepared.

Training cultural competence for expatriates

You have a project to go abroad, you want to succeed in your expatriation? Did you know that it needs more than just admin preparation? One key I found during my work to succeed in your expatriation or international assignment and to prevent failure is to have cultural competence.

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