Global Mobility Consulting for companies

Managing HR in an international context is a quite complex challenge. You are faced to different laws, language, culture, pressure from the business and your employees. Each expat file is different. It is not easy to keep relaxed.
Your needs



Are you overloaded with expat files or short-term assignments? Do you want to benefit from professional support for your daily tasks?



Would you like to cut your administrative tasks and costs?





You would like to reduce the risk and costs of expatriate failure?



Would you like to have assistance for the expatriate return ?



You would like to make your international assignment management more efficient?

ZenExpat’ offers

  • Completion of a part or the entire international assignment project (Before, during, at the end of an international assignment)
  • Advice and assistance during the different stages of an expatriation or short term assignment.


  • Coordination of administrative tasks (Work permit, residence permit, bank, social security, tax coordination, schools…)


  • Expatriate Coaching and training (Preparation of the expat and the family in order to reduce stress, handle emotions and conflicts and improve integration abroad)
  • Spouse accompaniment and coaching and outplacement (job search, career transition, emotional intelligence)



  • Assistance in establishing international assignment policies and procedures (Elaboration of short term or long term policy, Handbooks, tools)
  • Execution of Benchmarks, Audits (Analysis of company internal practices and comparison with market practices)