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You have a project to go abroad? You want to send your employees abroad?
You want to succeed in your expatriation and in your international assignments?


 Welcome to ZenExpat!
Did you know that it needs more than just paperwork and preparation? I have been working as a consultant in global mobility for more than 14 years and I know: Paperwork, cross-cultural training are not enough to make an international assignment successful! Culture shock and bad candidate selection are the most typical reasons for expatriate failure this is also what statistics say.
To succeed abroad, to overcome culture shock, you and your future expatriates need to develop their cultural competence. International assignment often fail because of a lack of a qualitative selection process and lack of training in soft skills. A person may seem to be perfect from a technical or business point of view, but if the person is lacking the necessary soft skills and is not trained in gaining those the expatriation is unlikely to succeed.

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My name is Julia and I am founder of ZenExpat’ and art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life and art of different, happy, healthy & successful employees. I  have been living and studying in an international environment for more than 20 years. I have been working as Globality consultant for more than 14 years,  and over the years I noticed that the most important point to make an expatriation a success is to have the right mind set and soft skills. When living abroad you or your expatriates and their families need to develop strong soft skills to handle stress, face insecurities, differences, to overcome cultural shock and face your strong emotions.

ZenExpat’s mission is…

…to help expats to know and develop the skills they need in order to succeed in their expatriation
and to contribute to a ‘zen’ and stressless expatriation.

I offer coaching and training to prepare you
or your expatriates to face the challenges abroad!

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Training emotional intelligence and stress management for expatriates

You are planning to go abroad or sending your employees abroad ? Going abroad is a wonderful experience if it is well prepared. What I have learned from my experience as Global Mobility Consultant while working with expats, but also from my personal experience: Apart from the thorough organization before the start of the expatriation what counts the most is the emotional preparation!

Training cultural competence for expatriates

You have a project to go abroad, you want to succeed in your expatriation? Did you know that it needs more than just admin preparation? One key I found during my work to succeed in your expatriation or international assignment and to prevent failure is to have cultural competence.