How to find a job abroad

earth jobsThe decision is clear: you want to go abroad and work abroad definitely, build up a new life in a very different country far away from your home town. But how to find a job abroad? In this article you find tips about how to find a job abroad.


You know the country and people habits and culture of your desired country, you already know where you want to go, the only thing missing is a job so that your dream can actually become a reality.
The same is true of course if you accompany your partner, who has been sent on expatriation. You do not want to sit there on the couch, but also be professionally active.

Well, how to find a job abroad?

First of all, you should check your qualifications:

  • Is there a place for your skills and your competences in the country? Or maybe you have to get further training? For instance on language skills. Find out whether you can, for example, do an intensive language course.
  • What is the economic situation? Which profiles are demanded in the country?
  • Should you apply only once you arrived in the country or would it be better to send your applications in advance?

There are many organizations that offer help on these topics. These are, for example, Internet forums where global mobility professionals or expats already share their experiences, but also local job agencies might provide initial guidance and advice, sometimes even financial support.

Keys when you prepare your application file for finding a job abroad

When you prepare your application file you should adapt to local requirements. Each country has its own rules and preferences, regarding the length and overall design of the CV and motivation letter (with or without photo, concise or detailed, one page or more pages)
Once you have your CV and motivation letter ready, you can start the search. The easiest is to apply to offers on the internet on global job markets or local newspapers, employment agencies or recruiters. You can also buy company lists at the chambers of commerce.

Also contact companies directly you would like to work for and ask them if they have got any jobs available in your field: consider country specific requirements for your application.
The latest local networks are also extremely valuable, which can be expat networks or colleagues or the employer of your partner, or simply the local sports club. Never underestimate social networks on the Internet, such as Xing, Viadeo, LinkedIn and Facebook. Networks shorten and facilitate many ways! Ultimately the job in your dreamland is always a matter of luck, but – and this is before anything else – of patience and confidence. Stay in control even during long dry spells in mind: You have a dream and therefore the motivation is for potential employers at least as important as a professional qualification.

In our article, we gave you essentials questions you would need to look at befor taking a decision. If you are still unsure whether your idea is feasible or not, you can take an expat coach. Even a one- to two-hour conversation with an experienced expatriate coach can help you to clear away doubts.



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