Personal branding & job search advice

You want to work for a company you are proud of? You want to be happy, motivated and performant at work? In a world where talented individuals are demanded by employees, you need to make the difference! It takes you too long to find a job, your job interviews fail?

Our mission is to help you …

  • to find your ideal company
  • to build a strong identity that is authentic, distinctive and inspiring for the recruiters.

Your benefits

  • reduce the job search time
  • increase the quality of your application
  • be motivated and happy at work

Our services

  • define and redefine your personal brand
  • establish and implement a clear marketing strategy
  • analyse your e-reputation
  • put in place an action plan
  • build a brand communication plan (on LinkedIn and other social platforms)
  • improve your CV, motivation letter
  • help you to prepare job interviews
  • find a company that fits your needs

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