Why having an Expat’ Mentor?

Remonter le moralArriving in a new working and living environment is not always easy! You do not fluently speak the language! A new country, a different environment, new customs and people!

You have the feeling to being lost after the initial excitement of being in a new place ? Far away from your familiar surroundings you suddenly feel clumsy, helpless, not fitting.

Having a mentor helps you to acclimate to the new work and living environment and allows a smoother transition to your host country.
“Having a mentor helps you to acclimate to the new work and living environment and allows a smoother transition.”
By having a person to ask questions and to discuss about first impressions abroad you can feel at home much more quickly. You will have someone where you can turn for help and it’s hugely valuable to have someone to share ideas when things are not going as initially planned.
You have lived abroad, you are a global mind, and you would like to make friends and share your experience with people from all over the world?

Should I chose an Expat’ Mentor or a Professional Coach?

Julia says…”Generally, an Expat’ Mentor is a good way to integrate rapidly to a new country. Especially, when you have some basic questions regarding your Expatriation an Expat’ Mentor can be very valuable. As the Expat’ Mentor knows well the country and culture he/she might quickly answer your questions and help you to feel comfortable. He/she gives you guidance if you feel lonely.”
Depending on the intensity of assistance you need, an Expat’ Mentor might not be sufficient.
Moving from one country to another involves many changes for you and your family from a legal and a practical point of view. Numerous obligations have to be fulfilled before going abroad, during and at the end of an assignment. Going abroad is a very costly, time consuming and complex project that involves many risks for the company in case of breach of its legal obligations.
If you would like to know if you have made a thorough decision before going abroad or if you do not know how to tackle your expatriation project and you need assistance regarding the preparation and realisation, an Expat Coach or Consultant in Global Mobility might be the right choice. He/She can help you to verify if you are ready for this challenge. An Expat Coach will also elaborate a tailor made and detailed project plan including the different steps (before, during, after) your expatriation. Very often the combination of both, an Expat’ Mentor  and professional assistance might be the right choice.
For finding a global mobility mentor and more information about expatriation and global mobility, contact me.
Julia is founder of ZenExpat, a global mobility consulting firm, expat coach and writer of this blog about how to simplify expatriation and ensuring ‘Zen’ when starting abroad. She was born and raised in Germany, then moved to Austria and then to France.
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